The Warrenton Pony Show

Dear Exhibitors & Friends,

The Warrenton Pony Show, the Oldest Pony Show in America, is the only recognized show run by juniors eighteen years of age and younger.  The Junior Committee operates under the supervision of the Warrenton Pony Show, Inc.  Board of Directors - a group of local adult volunteers, some of whom are ex-members of the Junior Committee.  The knowledge and practical experience we gain from producing this five-day "A" rated show are valuable in many ways.  Helping to instill the importance of responsibility and community service are some of the lessons we learn.

In 1999, the Board of Directors started a scholarship fund in memory of Puller Hughes, a long time friend and advisor of the Pony Show.  This fund has allowed the Board to award college scholarships to deserving members of the Junior Committee.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to all of our faithful sponsors and supporters who have kept the spirit and tradition of this show alive over the years.

The Warrenton Pony Show Junior Committee

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Photos Credit Teresa Ramsey Photography

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